About Us

Tobiya Poetic Jazz is a ground breaking event that has (uninterruptedly) been hosted for the past 9 years on the first Wednesday of every month at the Ras Hotel starting at 5:30PM with the motto of “Brightening Ethiopia and Ethiopianism”. The stage portrays social, economic, political issues in a timely manner through teaching, intelligent and entertaining music, tales and several theatrical acts that are believed to be beneficial to our country. The program has also been playing its part in addressing the questions of the public and helping public voices reach and improve government offices for the better. This has gained it much approval and admiration.

Not only nationally but Tobiya Poetic Jazz has been able to reach Ethiopians internationally. In addition, it is working at promoting Ethiopian culture and languages to foreigners all over as well. In association with the Ministry of Education and Science and Technology it is also working on brightening Ethiopia and Ethiopianism in 45 universities across the country. Throughout the past 8 years Tobiya Poetic Jazz has had over 1,800,000 views and has been overcrowded at times that more people have returned than entered. Through this stage over 2000 professional artists have showcased their works and shared their knowledge and wisdom, Moreover, it has earned several Ethiopian subscribers worldwide through broadcasting via Arts TV every Sunday starting at 2PM and Arts TV World YouTube channel.

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